I'm a left-leaning non-binary trans man (he/him and they/them are both fine) who likes video games, coding I guess, libre software, conlangs, and cats. Because my eyes are failing me at my decrepit old age of 34, I'm not a big fan of tiny font sizes.

I'm on Mastodon, come talk to me!


I have a cat. Her name is Jools.

videos game

I'm on Twitch at locrianfifth, but I don't stream often. More often, you can find me moderating my wife's stream at lancetheuglyandrogyne.

You can find me on Steam at locrianfifth.

Here's my almost-never-updated archive of Animal Crossing: New Horizons designs.


Solarized reference - An easily-readable reference for the Solarized color scheme, because I just wanted something minimalistic and quick to look at.