Browser Comparison


Totally legit web browser comparison

[Drawing of a Google Chrome window with the Chrome logo inside]
Google Chrome
Pros: The modern web is basically built for it
Cons: Massive contributor to our gradual decline into cyberpunk dystopia.

[Drawing of a Firefox window with the Firefox logo inside]
Mozilla Firefox
Pros: The last real alternative to Blink
Cons: Possibly being paid off by Google to alienate their remaining users.

[Drawing of a Brave window with the Brave logo inside. A second, uncolored version of the Brave logo is sketched in one corner of the window.]
Pros: Logo is fun to draw
Cons: Cryptoshit scam. [Another sketch of the Brave logo]

[Drawing of the qutebrowser window with the qutebrowser logo inside. This is the first browser window that looks significantly different from the previous.]
Pros: Doing their own thing outside of the Chrome-Firefox binary
Cons: I don’t know how to use vim and at this point I’m too scared to ask.

[Drawing of a Vivaldi window with the Vivaldi logo inside.]
Pros: Super customizable, really cool stuff like tab tiling
Cons: Refuses to fully open-source their code ~for branding reasons~

[Drawing of a SeaMonkey window with the SeaMonkey logo inside
Pros: A beautiful relic of an age gone by. Only breaks when exposed to tiny, obscure sites like Github.
Cons: None.

[Blue-tinged drawing of a dark, murky forest.]
A haunted forest.
Pros: It’s calling to you. Can’t you hear it? Built-in dark mode.
Cons: Can’t install XUL extensions.

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