Alphinaud and the Warrior of Light (a Lalafell summoner in a pointed hat) are walking somewhere. WoL’s Carbuncle is chasing after a butterfly. WoL asks, “Don’t you ever miss Carbuncle now that you’re a Sage?”

Closeup of Alphinaud as he explains, “Of course not. Carbuncles aren’t alive. They’re simply a manifestation of your own aether.”

Back to the full view of Alphinaud, WoL, and Carbuncle, the latter of whom is now pouncing at the butterfly. The Warrior of Light clutches their grimoire to their chest and says, “Right... yeah... I knew that...”

The Warrior of Light clings to their Carbuncle, who appears to be cuddling them in return. “Don’t worry, Carby,” WoL says, “I know he’s full of shit.”

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