[The artist is sitting at a desk drawing. His wife is talking to him, arms crossed over her chest.]
Wife: So have you thought of a name for your webcomic?
Artist: Not yet.

[Wife puts her hand on her chin thoughtfully.]
Wife: xkcd 2? xkcd but vertical?
Artist: I don’t want to just be “xkcd except not”. I’m trying to do my own thing. [In smaller text:] Even if we do have similar senses of humor...

[The characters are now drawn in a crude, cartoony art style. The art isn’t very good and the proportions are all off.]
Wife: Trying to do your own thing? With that art style?
Artist: That’s just because I can’t draw!

[They are stick figures again. Wife throws her hands in the air.]
Wife: But you can’t stay untitled forever!
Artist: I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I know I’m never winning that championship belt.

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