[Two people, one bald and one with a purple pointy pompadour-ish hairstyle, are walking together.]
Baldy: What would you do if you had a billion dollars—
Purple: First I’d—
Baldy: But you couldn’t spend it on anyone but yourself?
Purple: Oh, jeez.

[Imagination bubble: Purple is now sitting in an office, across a desk from a job interviewer.]
Interviewer: So tell me why you’d like to work here.
Purple: No. You tell me why I should work here.
Interviewer: Well, we have a very generous benefits package...
Purple: Better than your competitors’? Don't bother lying, I've already checked.

[Back to Baldy and Purple.]
Baldy: No no no! What would you do with the money?!
Purple: Oh, that? I dunno, probably hire an accountant or something to find out what’s keeping me from sharing it.

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