[Screenshot of an app store page for “Stabbr — Hire a Hitman Today”. Two reviews are shown, one of a person complaining that their hit target is still alive, and the other praising how easy the app is to use.]

[A bald person is looking down at their phone, presumably viewing the above. They’re talking to a person in a baseball cap.]
Baldy: This is an app for killing people.
Cappy: Cool, right?
Baldy: No, it's fucked up.

[The person in the cap throws their hands up in the air.]
Cappy: You don’t get it! Someone had an idea and now they’re rich because they built a platform for it! You can’t criticize the free market!

Baldy: Things can be bad even if they're profitable.
[Cappy turns to walk away.]
Cappy: Ugh, I didn’t realize you were a commie.

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