My music

Just wanted a place to save stuff I was working on. I’m not “a musician”, so don’t expect quality.

Anything I post here is licensed CC-BY-SA-NC, unless it’s copyrighted by someone else.

Original songs

Experiment in C lydian flat 3 (272.0kb)

I liked how the scale sounded and wanted to try something with it 🤷 Taken in another direction, it could probably sound surfer-rock-y.

The Caverns (741.2kb)

A short piece in locrian mode.

Unsatisfied (782.8kb)

This was a quick attempt to write something coherent in locrian mode. Originally it was intended as some kind of video game battle music, since I figured locrian’s inability to resolve “properly” would lend itself well to something that was meant to loop.

What Comes Next (273.7kb)

A short sketch in locrian mode. Named because I have no idea what else to do with it.

Higher (362.0kb)

Pretty sure I originally wrote this in Beepbox, but I must have forgotten to bookmark or export it, because I can’t find it now. This version was done in GB Studio’s music editor. I must have been at least vaguely inspired by Fairune’s OST when I came up with this.

Tutorial Zone (411.5kb)

Another short piece done in GB Studio’s editor, though I’m pretty sure it was also originally done in Beepbox once upon a time.


Little Fugue in G Minor (Johann Sebastian Bach) (4.2mb)

Just some practice in transcribing other people’s music.

Phantom Train (Final Fantasy VI — Nobuo Uematsu) (2.2mb)

Sans the chugga-chugga toot-toot.