tomo tawa


jan tu li lon poka nasin pi tomo tawa.

jan pi linja walo: mi weka. sina wile ala wile kama poka?
jan pi linja pimeja: ala. jan pona mi li kama. ona li jo e tomo tawa.

tomo tawa li kama. ona li tomo kin, li jo e noka waso. jan li lon lupa pi tomo tawa.

jan pi tomo tawa: toki!
jan pi linja pimeja: jan Papa Jaka o!
jan pi linja walo: !


Two people are standing by a street.

Blonde: I’m heading out. Wanna come with?
Brunette: Nah. My friend’s coming, they have a [tomo tawa].

The friend arrives in their [tomo tawa], which is not a car but is, in fact, a house with chicken legs.

Friend: Hi!
Brunette: Hi, Baba Yaga!
Blonde: !

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